7 Ridiculously Awesome Childhood Keepsake Storage Ideas

Kids grow way too fast fast. In the blink of eye you go from pregnancy to the 1st day of kindergarten to teenager.

You’ll always have the memories with you but if you’re like me, you want a way to keep some things without creating boxes of clutter. Let’s be honest, once it goes in a box it’s not coming out.

I remember, when my mom passed away & I had to clean out the attic of our old home. Blown away may not accurately describe how I felt about the amount of “junk” in there. And a majority of them items were keepsakes from my childhood. Some of it was preserved nicely in photo albums. But others were just destroyed from time & weather.

After spending days going through the memories I decided that I needed something different for my children. Unique ways that their memories could be either displayed or stored in a way that benefited our family instead of adding to the attic.

I’ve rounded up 7 of the cutest & easiest keepsake storage ideas.

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Christmas Ornaments

Add a special touch to your Christmas tree by adding keepsakes.

Fill an ornament. Purchase a plastic ornament like this & fill it with a memento. For instance for my daughter’s 1st Christmas, I filled an ornament with her 1st Easter dress. For my son, I filled his ornament with his 1st bow tie outfit.

You can also turn a photo into an ornament each year. You can either make your own or use a service like Shutterfly to make custom photo ornaments.

Christmas Tree Skirt

I’ve previously talked about how you can turn your wedding gown into a Christmas tree skirt in order to recycle it. But did you know that you can also turn old tee shirts into a Christmas tree skirt as well?

Crafting A Green World has a super easy tutorial on how to create a family heirloom Christmas tree skirt. Heirloom Christmas Tree Skirt idea

Art Keepsake Binder

Artwork. Our kiddos create TONS of it throughout childhood. And while I love it, I don’t love the pile up of papers that don’t really have a home.

Instead, create a binder that is filled with artwork. Use sheet protectors to keep the project together. If you can, place the art back to back in 1 sheet protector so that you can put more into 1 binder.

Use divider tabs to label the years. If you want to take it a step farther, using permanent marker you can write a note on the bottom of each sheet protector labeling what the drawing was or when they did it.

Something like “April 2018, age 4, surprise for Daddy when he came home from work.”

You can also do the same thing with a clear storage bin.

Email Discover how to storage childhood keepsakes

Set up an email address for your kiddos. This is the perfect way to store digital keepsakes like videos and pictures. It’s also an awesome way to send special notes to your kiddos.

For birthdays we ask our family & friends to send a special message in an email instead of a card that way they’ll always have it.

Pick a special time, such as the 21st birthday or high school graduation to give your kiddo the password.

Keepsake Blanket

This awesome idea turns your baby keepsakes into a quilt or blanket. It’s the perfect solution for onesies, vacation tee shirts, even old lovies. You can learn how to make your own keepsake blanket with Craftsy.

Sew A Stuffed Animal

Did you know that you could make a stuffed animal from old clothes? It’s not as hard as it seems & makes for an easy craft project to do with your kiddos. 

Lindsay over at PA Country Crafts has an awesome tutorial on how to create these cute bears from onesies.

Allison at Dream A Little Bigger, has a great tutorial on making stuffed animals from your old t-shirts.

Shadow Box

Whoever came up with the idea of shadow boxes was a genius. You can use them for so much! They’ll especially help you to organize those childhood keepsakes.

Fill a shadow box frame with your favorite baby memories. Here are some ideas of what you can put in it:

  • handprints
  • footprints
  • hospital bracelet
  • hospital hat
  • favorite onesie
  • favorite rattle
  • baby socks
  • ultrasound pictures
  • newborn pictures
  • favorite toys

Whichever option that you choose to do, take the time to go down memory lane. Bring your family in on the fun & make a night of it! Sometimes looking back is a great way to be active in the present.

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7 unique ways to store your favorite memories.

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