Discover how to find the best disposable diaper for your baby.

Finding The Best Diapers For Your Baby

Whether you’re using cloth diapers or disposable diapers every baby needs diapers. Almost more importantly, every parent needs the best diapers that will work for their kids.

Both of our kiddos had issues when it’s came to diapers.

Our daughter was a heavy wetter & was constantly on the move, even in her sleep. So we had to find a diaper that was very absorbent & didn’t easily open when she moved.

Our son was an extreme heavy wetter but he was also plump in size. So we had to find a diaper that truly fit his size not his weight & that was very absorbent.

That all led us to trying our fair share of name brands & store brands. Along with daytime & overnight diapers. It was a struggle to find the perfect fit for us because we didn’t really know where to start.

To save you from being as frustrated we were, I’ve created this guide to finding the best diapers for your baby.

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Before you start keep these tips in mind.

  • Buy small packs to try before buying in bulk.
  • Do not open entire boxes of diapers that may be gifted to you before making sure they work.
  • The weight on diapers doesn’t always match your baby’s shape. For instance, my son weighs 27 pounds at the moment. Which is a size 3 in most diapers. But because of his shape, he’s in a size 6.
  • Every child is different, you may have loved 1 brand for 1 child & have to find another brand for a different child.

What’s considered a good fit?

A good fit is when there is there is no leakage from wet or blowout diapers. Make sure the diaper fits around both the waist & the legs without being too snug or too loose.

*None of these diapers are ranked because what I think is best may be different than what you think. And that’s fine. The most important thing to remember is to find the best diaper for your baby.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Which means I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. This is at no extra cost to you. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

Daytime diapers


Pampers is one of the leading diaper brands. They are extremely absorbent & have a very flexible fit. The Pampers Swaddlers line includes a wetness indicator so that you know when to change your baby.

My take? I did really like using Pampers for both of my kids as newborns but the fit did not agree with them once they started to get bigger.

Honest Company

Honest Company diapers are very absorbent & hypo-allergenic. This brand prides itself on being very environmentally friendly & these diapers continue the trend by being made from plant materials. An added bonus? The designs are very cute.

My take? These diapers are little more expensive than other brands & are not as available at stores like some other brands are.

The Honest Company


Huggies diapers have the great benefit of having a wetness indicator similar to Pampers that will let you know when you’re baby is wet. These diapers are also very soft to the touch which means extra comfort for your baby.

My take? I did not like Huggies. For us, we had constant leaks every time a child would pee.


Luvs diapers are extremely absorbent. They also have readjusting tabs & a curved shaped so that you can get the right fit around the waist of your baby.

My take: Luvs diapers are by far my favorite diaper in both absorbency & fit. They are perfumed but to me it’s a faint smell.

Overnight Diapers

If you have a heavy wetter, you may need overnight diapers to help them sleep through the night. Before spending the extra money on expensive overnight diapers, try going up a diaper size.

I have ranked the overnight diapers from best to worst (for our family).

The Best! Luvs

Luvs does not have a specific line of overnight diapers because all of their diapers feature what they call “nightlock plus”.

Runner Up! Pampers

Third Place! Honest Company

Last, but not least! Huggies

Store Brand Diapers

I ranked the following store brands from best to worst (for our family). They are ranked based on quality of the diaper, flexibility of the fit, & wetness protection.

The Best! Up & Up (Target)
Runner Up! Kirkland (Costco)
Third Place! Member’s Mark (Sam’s Club)
Honorable Mention! Parent’s Choice (Walmart)

How to save money on diapers

  • See if the brand has samples or coupons. Many companies will give you a discount with subscription. For instance with Honest Company you can get $20 Off Your First Month’s Diapers & Wipes Bundle
  • Sign up for Amazon Family & get coupons along with deals such as 20% off diapers.
  • Look for coupons on platforms such as the Target Cartwheel app or
  • Look for weekly sales & be sure to add any coupons that you have to the sale.
  • If you choose Pampers, they have a rewards program that can save you money.
  • Use Ibotta to get rebates on your diapers after you’ve shopped.

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Choosing a diaper for your baby can be confusing. Find out how to choose the best fit diaper for your baby.

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