The easiest Mickey Mouse ears that you'll ever make

The Easiest DIY Mickey Mouse Ears Craft Ever

My son is obsessed with Mickey Mouse. He could be asleep in another room & will pop up if he hears the name Mickey.

So when it was time for his 1st birthday there was no question that it had to be a Mickey Mouse theme. We don’t always celebrate birthdays with a party, but I couldn’t resist a Mickey Mouse birthday party.

Because I’m all about having a party on a budget, I decided to make the decorations. Including giving him Mickey Mouse ears & Minnie Mouse ears for his sister.

Let me tell you, these ears took 5 minutes to make & cost me $1.56! The average retail price is $6.00. (Your price may vary depending on the supplies you already have at home.)

You can make these ears 1 of 2 ways. Both are extremely easy.


  • Black felt (1 sheet per headband)
  • Hot glue gun & glue
  • Scissors
  • Headband

To make the Mickey Mouse Ears

Option A: Step 1

Figure out how big you want your Mickey ears to be. Fold your felt in half. Draw 2 circles the size of your intended ears. Make sure that you draw your circles at the folded part of the felt. That way when it’s unfolded it will look like 2 circles. Easy DIY Minnie Mouse ears

You can either draw the circle or use a circle from something else. I used a jar top.

Option B: Step 1

After deciding how big you want your Mickey Mouse ears to be, you will cut 4 circles out of the felt. Just like in option a, you can use a jar top to trace the circle.

Step 2

Preheat your hot glue gun. While that’s heating up cut the ears out.

Step 3

Place 1 of the felt circles under the headband. Be sure to place it to the side so that it will be in “ear placement”.

The headband should be in the middle of the circle. Do the same for the other ear.

*These ears are “soft”. If you want a stiff ear, now is the time to cut a circle out of cardboard. You will hot glue the cardboard to the middle of the ears.

Option A: Step 4 Easy Mickey Mouse ear tutorial

Place hot glue on the bottom side of the ear. Fold the other half over the headband. Press firmly for 5-10 seconds. Remember, it is hot glue so be careful when pressing.

Do the same for the other ear.

Option B: Step 4 The easiest Mickey Mouse Ears you will ever make.

After you place 1 felt circle under each side of the headband, apply hot glue. Then quickly place the 2nd ear cut out on top. Press firmly for 5-10 seconds.

If you used cardboard, remember that you need to hot glue both sides so that it won’t fall out. DIY Mickey Mouse Ears

Viola! Cute DIY Mickey Mouse ears for everyone!! If you want Minnie Mouse ears, all you need to do is add a bow. You can learn how to make the perfect bow with this tutorial.

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DIY Mickey Mouse Headband craft

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