Dramatic play

Imagination is a critical part of child hood. Which is why kiddos need to experiment with different forms of dramatic play.

Why is it important?

First lets define dramatic play so that you understand what it is. It’s essentially pretend play with real life situations. For example, when a child pretends to be a vet or to go grocery shopping, that’s dramatic play.

Acting out those real life scenes helps your child to develop:

  • self expression
  • social skills
  • conflict resolution
  • language skills
  • emotional skills

Dramatic play in children isn't just playing dress up. Find out another way to play.

In other words, dramatic play isn’t just dressing up. It’s the process of truly acting out situations.

So how can you add to what your kiddos are already doing?
I admit I’m not a huge fan of worksheets for kids. I’m all about learning through play. Which is why I created these particular dramatic play printables. They add a new element to playing.

These printables are perfect for all age groups.

All you have to do is print them. I suggest laminating them & using either dry erase or washable markers on them. That way when the kids are finished playing, you can just wipe them off & they’ll be ready to use another time.

Here’s what you get:

  • A printable of 2 doctor’s name tags
  • A printable of 2 prescription sheets
  • A printable of 3 restaurant menus (breakfast, dinner, & dessert)

I challenge you to let the play exploration begin!

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Want to add more fun to your kids playing doctor or cooking activities? Try these dramatic play printables.

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