Check out 23 fun activities to do with your family every week.

23 Amazingly Fun Family Night Ideas

Some of my favorite childhood memories come from our weekly family nights.

Even as I got older, while I did complain about not being out with friends, I loved our activities.

My mom used to plan elaborate game nights & my dad would just throw something together-literally. But it was a great way for us to bond.

It seems like the tradition of family night has faded into a restaurant gimmick. I get it, sometimes we too go to a restaurant for kids eat free family night. But what happens after that? Do you take the time to reconnect?

The hubby & I have been saying for months that we would get out of our basic routine & add more family time. Finally we did it. We locked in 1 night a week on our family manager, put our phones & tablets away & brought back family fun!

Try these family night activities with your family.

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Family board game

  1. Board & card games
  2. Glow bowling. Find out how to make your own glow bowling set here.
  3. Cook together. Try a new fun recipe like unicorn poop or corn flake chicken tenders.
  4. Flashlight tag
  5. Talent Show
  6. Shadow puppets Shadow puppets
  7. Learn a new dance. Youtube has tons of how-to dance videos.
  8. Have a theme night, like a mystery or luau night.
  9. Have a picnic
  10. Fly kites
  11. Do a project together from Craftsy
  12. Make a family parody
  13. Drive somewhere new. You can find hidden gems in your own town.
  14. Camp out in the living room or the backyard camping
  15. Watch family videos
  16. Do a science experiment
  17. Put together a puzzle Family puzzle
  18. Go fishing
  19. Make something like a craft or a sweet & deliver them to the elderly or to your neighbors.
  20. Build something, you can use Legos or get creative & make something out of marshmallows & toothpicks.
  21. Minute to win it games
  22. Food taste challenge
  23. Try stargazing

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Need new activities for family fun? Try these 22 ideas.

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