55 Fun & Cheap Dates Ideas For Couples In 2019

Until I was married & had kids I never realized how important dates were.

In any relationship, it can start to become a chore to keep the romance alive. And by romance I don’t mean that it’s always candle lit dinners. I mean keeping that feeling of when you first met alive.

Going on continual dates breaks up the monotony that most couples get into. It’s so easy to fall into a routine. Eat. Work. School. Kids. Clean. Repeat. I know how it feels to get stuck in a routine all too well.

Dating has so many great benefits:

  • helps keep things fresh
  • reconnects you
  • allows you to truly communicate with one another- talking & listening
  • make each other feel special
  • lets you have fun together
  • creates & maintains intimacy

I know that going on dates all of the time can add up. Typical dates like going to the movie theatre are expensive these days. The average price for a movie ticket is $8.97. Keep in mind that’s just the average, I’ve seen them as high as 10.65. Add that up for 2 people plus snacks & you’re looking at a very expensive date.

But cost shouldn’t stop you from dating. There are tons of ways around that.

I’ve complied some of the best frugal dates around. They range from 100% free to at home to going out & hardly spending.

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55 Best frugal date ideas

  1. Go to the park
  2. Visit a garden
  3. Check local hotels for poetry or music events
  4. Go to a drive in movie
  5. Have a picnic outside or in the living room 55 best frugal date ideas
  6. Fondue night
  7. Bake something together
  8. Go fishing
  9. Learn a new dance
  10. Go to an outdoor concert
  11. Give each other massages
  12. Make your own ice cream
  13. Go for a drive
  14. Backyard movie night
  15. Karaoke
  16. Put together a puzzle
  17. Play a board or card game
  18. Go thrifting
  19. Visit a museum
  20. Find a local event 55 best frugal date ideas
  21. Go on a hike
  22. Stargaze
  23. Have a competition
  24. Play a video game
  25. Have a trivia competition
  26. TV marathon
  27. Draw caricatures of each other
  28. Create a dream or vision board
  29. Stay in bed
  30. Make a fort
  31. Make silly shirts for each other
  32. Make a parody
  33. Do a scavenger hunt
  34. Play 20 questions
  35. Go fruit picking
  36. Plan a vacation 55 best frugal date ideas
  37. Go on a bike ride
  38. Play mini golf
  39. Try an ice skating rink
  40. Play a sport together
  41. Test drive a sporty car
  42. Go to a pool hall
  43. Window shopping
  44. Visit a planetarium
  45. Truth or dare
  46. Look at old photos
  47. Play frisbee 55 best frugal date ideas
  48. Go to the farmer’s market
  49. Make a bucket list
  50. Visit a toy store & find new games to try
  51. Go to a arcade
  52. Have a water fight
  53. Learn a new recipe together
  54. Watch the sunrise or sunset
  55. Restaurant hop (Try a different place for appetizers, meal, desserts, cocktails)

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55 Date ideas that won't break the bank

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