Simple & Quick Animal Handprint Art

Paint + paper + child equals parents get a moment where our children our focused on something other than calling our names.

Don’t get me wrong I love being a mom, but sometimes you just need to get stuff done.

That’s where this animal handprint painting activity comes to the rescue.

I always see a thousand pictures of “cutesy” artwork from kids all over social media. But really, how many of our kid’s projects turn out to be cute?

Did you raise your hand? I didn’t.

Until, my daughter & I started making handprint art.

We’ve done easy art projects before, like shaving cream painting but this has to be hands down the easiest project we’ve ever done. Not the cleanest, but for sure the cutest.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush

How to make handprint art:

*Before you begin, be sure to cover your surface with a tablecloth or old sheet.

  1. Have your kiddo paint 1 entire hand. Or if they’re too little, you can paint it. This super easy handprint craft is perfect for toddlers!
  2. Press their hand onto the paper. This will make the body of the animal. Be sure to repeat until you have all of the animal bodies that you intend to make.
  3. We paused here to go wash our hands so that paint wouldn’t be everywhere.
  4. Now use your paintbrush to make the face, tail, feet, & to decorate the background of the page. Quick & easy animal handprint art project.
  5. Let it dry & you’re done.

How cute did these turn out? We ended up making way to many animals to even post. There were unicorns, monkeys, zebras, lions, elephants, fish, hippos. This list literally continues. Fun, cute, & simple animal art for preschoolers

You don't want to miss this easy toddler art craft.

This hand print art activity also had an added bonus of sneaking in fine motor skills. Painting the face & lines on the body will help your child hone in on their fine motor skills.

My daughter really tapped into her creativity & love of animals on this project. It will definitely be a constant project on our activity list.

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This super easy handprint craft is a great activity to keep little hands busy.

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