8 Night routine ideas to increase productivity.

How To Start A Productive Night Routine In 2019

Can I be honest? I hate mornings. I just can’t seem to get it together. As a mom of 2, one of my kiddos always wakes up before the sun & throws a wrench into the whole sleep concept.

So when I see the phrase “morning routines” I cringe a little inside. They seem to be all the rage right now. But it’s not for me.

I agree that they’re a great way to kick start your day. And I believe that everyone needs some type of routine but it doesn’t have to be in the morning.

If you’re like me & mornings aren’t for you then try a night routine. For me, night routines ensure that tomorrow is more productive.

Trust me, I understand that the last thing you want to do at night is think about a routine.

But here’s a secret…you already do it.

You eat dinner, brush your teeth, put on pajamas. All of these things are habits. You just don’t think of it because it comes natural to you.

If you add just a few more habits, then you’ll have a night time routine that will make your days more productive.

Habits vs Routines

Before we truly get into what you should include in your night routine let’s clear up some confusion.

Habits & routines are different. There’s technical lingo out there that would bore you to tears on how they’re different. I won’t do that, let’s keep it simple.

Basically, the major difference is intention. When you have a routine you tend to put effort or intent towards it.

Or think of it like this, habits are the bullet points inside of routines.

Why should I have a night time routine?

Having a night routine has many benefits. Here are a few:

  • Prevents potential distractions & stress the next day
  • Effective use of time
  • Makes your morning run smoother
  • Helps give you a better night’s sleep

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Night Routine Habits

Eating dinner is an essential part of any night time routine.Eat Dinner

What? You already eat dinner? Well yes but this one is a matter of balance.

We often either don’t eat enough or we eat too much. Then we either eat too early which causes us to eat a heavy snack later or we eat full meals too late.

So how do you find balance? To help with digestion, it’s generally recommended to eat 2-3 hours before bed. When you’re meal planning try find healthy meals.

Please remember not to starve yourself. If you’re hungry & you ate dinner at 6pm & it’s now 10pm…eat a freaking snack. Not a 4th meal but a healthy snack. Try some berries or apples.

Finding that balance & eating a healthy dinner will actually help your body to sleep better & reduce chances of insomnia.

Clean up

When I say cleanup I mean tidying up odds & ends. Not full on cleaning.

  • Wash dishes
  • Put away laundry
  • Put away toys
  • Sort the mail

These are all little things that you can quickly do so that you don’t have to worry about it tomorrow. It doesn’t have to take long. Set a timer for 20-30 minutes.

Living in a cleaner environment can drastically reduce your stress levels.

Prepare for the next day

Before going to bed, set up everything that you can for the next day. Why? Because it eliminates have to worry about last minute stressors.

  • Take out clothing
  • Pack lunch & snacks
  • Set reminders

Self care

Even if you’re not a fan of routines, you need to start making time for YOU. Self care is overlooked a lot, especially by moms. We tend to care more for others than ourselves.

It’s great to be selfless but when we take the take for ourselves then we become better moms & people.

Set aside time every night for self care. Here’s some ideas if you don’t know where to begin:

  • Read a book
  • Catch up on a show
  • Take a bath
  • Meditate
  • Start a beauty regime
  • Color (yes, I’m a fan of adult coloring pages)

Night time routines that will make tomorrow more productiveTurn Off The TV

Turn the tv off at least 30 minutes before going to bed. According to the National Sleep Foundation, just the light from television is extremely stimulating to the brain & can stop you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Plus it’s easy to get caught up binge watching.

Use that 30 minutes to truly unwind. Listen to music, have quiet time, or start your hygiene routine.

Reflect On The Day

Think back on how your day went. What was great? What was bad? What could be improved? Make note of these things.

But, do not hone in on everything that went wrong. That will just cause unnecessary stress & bum you out. You want to reflect so that you can make improvements.

Increase your productivity with a night time routine.Schedule Tomorrow

Look at tomorrow’s schedule. Plan out supplies that you’ll need before leaving the house. See if you can group some things together. That way you’ll know what’s coming & have a better handle on what’s ahead.

If you need help staying on top of what you need to do each day check out this family manager.

Night routine habits that you must start tonight.Have A Bedtime

I know you’re not 8 years old. But having a consistent bedtime will drastically change your life.

Why? Because we’re letting our body’s know that bedtime is about the same time every night. Your internal clock will be set. Which will make it a lot easier to fall asleep every night.

Still not convinced? Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep can cause “foggy” brain, anxiety, & mood swings. Even more shocking is that there is a connection between lack of sleep & major health issues including heart disease.

My bedtime is set for 10 pm. What is yours?

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Increase your productivity with 8 night routine habits

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  1. I love this list. I have just started a little mini night routine and it has made such a huge difference to my productivity. A quick 5 minute tidy and turning off the TV 30 minutes before sleep has already made SUCH a difference. This list has definitely given me some more things to add. I’d especially love to incorporate some scheduling for tomorrow and some reflection on my day too. Thanks for the tips!

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