Super simple DIY ribbon garland tutorial

DIY Ribbon Garland Tutorial

Decorations. We use them for everything. Baby showers, nurseries, Christmas decorations, parties, or just to jazz up our house.

Here’s a secret that not many people know. You can easily create decor yourself without spending a fortune on it from a store. I’ve managed to add wall decor to my house & each project was easily done under $40.

I’ve been on a mission for the last year to find the easiest ways to do something. I’ve suceeded in a 20 minute balloon tower, $5 Mickey Mouse ears, & removing labels from containers.

Recently, I challenged myself to making the most cost effiecient, easiest ribbon garland. I went through a lot of ribbon but this was a fun challenge.

What I discovered, was that you can make a beautiful ribbon garland to fit any party or occasion in under an hour.

Let’s jump in…

How To Make A Ribbon Garland


  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • String

Before starting, you need to decide where you are hanging your garland. That will determine the length of ribbon of string that you will need.

The amount of materials that you will need will be based on how long you need your garland to be. DIY ribbon garland tutorial

For this tutorial my garland needed to be 44″ in length & my ribbon length (before folding) is 33″. I ended up using 160ft of ribbon (there ended up being 58 ribbons).

Don’t freak out. I know that sounds like a lot of ribbon. However, you can get spools of ribbon ranging from 10ft to 300ft. If you’re going to be working with a lot of different colors then I suggest buying smaller spools of ribbon.

Step 1

Cut a piece of string, or ribbon if you desire, to the length that you need. Give yourself a few inches extra on the side to accomodate for any slack that you may need & to use to tie the garland.

Step 2

Cut strips of ribbon to the size that you would like.

Step 3 How to easily make a birthday ribbon garland

Tape down your string to a surface. Make sure that the string is tightly in place. Allowing only enough slack to get 2 of your fingers under the string.

If you have too much slack it will make adding your ribbon harder.

Step 4 How to make ribbon garland

Now it’s time to start adding your ribbon. You will do this 1 piece of ribbon at a time.

Fold the ribbon in half & place the top loop under the string.

Pull the bottom of the ribbon through the loop & pull it tight.

Step 5

Continue until your string is complete. Be sure to leave space on each end so that you can attach to your garland to a surface.

You can slide your ribbon strand back & forth until you get the look that you desire.

Easy DIY ribbon garland craft.


  • To stop the ends of your ribbon from fraying, run the edges through the flame of a lighter. Be careful the ribbon is very flamable. This should just be a quick, light swipe.
  • Alternating 3 or more colors will make your garland truly pop.
  • Don’t worry about making sure that all of your ribbon lines up. Varying lengths will give your garland dimension.
  • Double sided ribbon works best for this type of project. Why? Because once you fold the ribbon over, you will be able to see the underside as well as the top. In this tutorial, I used double sided satin ribbon.

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An easy DIY ribbon garland tutorial

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