How To Easily Save Money On Your Groceries

Does this sound familiar? You’re at the grocery store & after ringing everything up, you look at the total in shock?

What the heck do we even buy?

Lets face it, food is expensive & the price keeps going up. We have to start getting smarter about how we shop.

I tried couponing. It really does help you save money, but it’s a lot of work. I never realized how much work truly went into couponing until I tried it. It takes hours to search, clip, & cut them. Who truly has time for that?

Especially, wehn there are other great ways to save money on groceries.

Stick to a meal plan

It may take some effort in the beginning but making & sticking to a meal plan will save you so much money. Not to mention it’s less stress on having to figure out what to constantly cook.

Hop on over to our shop & grab your Family Manager that includes a complete meal plan kit.

Have meatless Monday

At least 1 day a week, it doesn’t have to be Monday, make a meal with no meat. The cost of the meat drives up your grocery bill. Instead try adding beans to the rotation or a veggie stir fry.

Use up what you have

Start by looking in the pantry, freezer, & fridge. Make a menu based on what you already have. It may cause you to get a little creative, but use up what you have. We tend to waste so much food by not using everything that’s in our kitchen before it expires.

If you need help with what to cook with what you already have in the kitchen, check out Super Cook.

Buy on sale grocery sales

Compare ads for different grocery stores. Buy just what you need. It’s ok to pass on some deals.

Use less meat

A lot of recipes call for a couple pounds of meat. But do you really need all of that? No. Instead of using 2 pounds of ground turkey or beef, use 1. Or instead of using 8 chicken breasts use 4.

Just your family

Cook to proportion for your family. You don’t need to make huge serving sizes. If you do end up with leftovers then freeze them. They can be used for dinner for another night.

Define meals Soup

Dinner doesn’t have to always be meat & 2 sides.  Breakfast doesn’t always have to have eggs & bacon. Think outside the box. Try omelets, grilled cheese, salads & soups for dinner. For breakfast try muffins, smoothies, or fun toasts.

Brand name vs generic

This is a constant debate. Sometimes you can find a better deal with name brand over the store brand. You really have to compare prices, don’t assume generic is cheaper.

*When you compare pricing, make sure that you are also comparing the quanity of the product as well.

Buying in season

Buying in season

Make sure you buy fruits & veggies when they are in season. Buying out of season will cost you way more.

Shop around

I know it can be annoying at first. But shop at a variety of stores. Some stores have better deals on certain things like meat or fruit. However, if you don’t have multiple grocery type stores near you then don’t drive all over town. You’d probably spend more in gas doing that over staying at 1 store.

Don’t go when you’re hungry

Even if you have a list. Don’t shop hungry! It will just cause you to buy a bunch of junk that you don’t need or want.

What grocery hacks do you have?

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Tired of paying a fortune for groceries? Read on to discover tips to lower your grocery bill & save you money.



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