The ultimate list of stocking stuffers.

105 Stocking Stuffers Ideas For Everyone

Stocking stuffers can be some of the hardest gifts to find during Christmas. Especially if you want to avoid the generic gift card or a box of candy.

This year I got a jump on things & focused on finding unique stocking stuffers. This is not the usual for her or for him list. I’ve rounded up the top 5 stocking stuffers based on interests.

Click one of the categories below to jump right to it. I suggest taking a look through all of the categories. Some of the items can be given to just about everyone. Or even be given as small gifts instead.

Infant-1 year old stocking stuffers
2-3 year old stocking stuffers
4-6 year old stocking stuffers
7-8 year old stocking stuffers
9-11 year old stocking stuffers
Pre-Teen stocking stuffers
Teenage girl stocking stuffers
Teenage boy stocking stuffers
Stocking stuffers for the chef
Stocking stuffers for the artist
Stocking stuffers for the techie
Stocking stuffers for the nature lover
Stocking stuffers for the book lover
Stocking stuffers for the do it yourselfers
Stocking stuffers for the couple
Stocking stuffers for the music lover
Stocking stuffers for the fashionista
Stocking stuffers for the gamer
Stocking stuffers for fitness fans
Stocking stuffers for the sports fan
Stocking stuffers for the person who has it all


Infant- 1 Year Old Stocking Stuffers


Babies love bright & colorful as well as hearing your voice. Reading to them is a great activity to do everyday.

V-tech Flashlight

Sound plus light equals guarenteed fun for your little one.

O-Ball Rattle & Roll Car

Baby’s 1st car! These cars are easy to grip & are super soft & flexible. The perfect floor time toy.


Shake, rattle, & roll with these cute maracas! They are both musical & chewable.

Little People Figurines

These figurines are great stocking stuffers for your little ones. Their the perfect size for griping & make for a great start in imaginative play.


2-3 Year Old Stocking Stuffers

Puffy Reusable Stickers

Kids of all ages love stickers, these puffy stickers are a great way to build fine motor skills. With an added bonus of being reusable!

Build A Snowman

Bring the snow inside (without it melting) with this fun snowman craft!


Bubbles are classic fun that kiddos can play both indoors & outdoors.

Aquadoodle Travel

Take art with you when you’re on the go. All you need to do is add water to the pen & you’ll have mess free fun!

Finger Puppets

Keep their imagination sparked with puppets!


4-6 Year Old Stocking Stuffers


Hatch your very own animal from an egg. These little creatures are surprisingly addictive to collect.

Legos Creativity Box

Build just about anything with this mini lego set.

Melissa & Doug Water Wow 

Resuable activity pads that your kiddos can play with just water!


These binoculars are perfect for when you take your kiddos outside. They’re a great size for little hands & very durable.

Bath Dropz

This drops make the perfect addition to bath time. Simply drop in the tablets into the water & watch the water change color!


7-8 Year Old Stocking Stuffers

Vtech Kidizoom Camera

Your kiddos will love being able to take their own digital pictures with this camera. For parents, you don’t have to worry as much about your child breaking this camera, it was made specifically to survive being handled by kiddos.

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art

Take a break from crayons, pens, & pencils. Instead use this scratch art to draw or leave fun notes.

Paw Patrol Watch

Combine Paw Patrol & a watch & you’ll have a sure fire win!


These fun animals come to life with over 40 sounds & movements. Kiddos can play with them, put them to sleep, & let them interact with each other. They come in a multiple colors of different animals such as monkeys, unicorns & sloths.


Dare I say it? This may be better than Playdough. Sculpt it & squish it! This non-stick Playfoam never dries out!


9-11 Year Old Stocking Stuffers

Wikki Sticks

Wikki Sticks are an alternative to Playdough. You can mold these sticks into just about everything you can think of. They even make for great self portraits.


Creepy, crawly, & fun. These small robot bugs can move backwards & forward & even flip over.


This fast paced crossword game is crazy fun for everyone! You don’t need a game board, pens, or even paper. Just grab the game & a flat surface & play.

Ultimate Dot To Dot

This book is filled with dot to dot pictures. With one catch, each page has hundreds of dots. Once connected, you’ll be amazed at the final results!

Hair Chalk

This temporary hair color set makes for hours of fun for all girls. They work on all shades of hair color & can even be used as face paint!


Pre-Teen Stocking Stuffers


It’s a 2 in 1, stand & gripper, for your phone. These PopSockets stick right to your phone & come in a variety of cute designs.

Novelty Socks


Get rid of boring socks. Novelty socks like these fun superhero socks make getting socks fun.


It’s solitaire with a twist. Instead of cards, you have to put together these circles. This game is challenging & fun, even for me!


A game that has humor & helps kids learn the grammar.

Mermaid Tail Blanket

This super soft crocheted mermaid blanket is perfect for either a lap blanket or a full body blanket.


Teenage Girl Stocking Stuffers

Movie Tickets

You really can’t go wrong with movie tickets for a teenager. If you’re not sure what movie to buy tickets for then you can visit your local movie theater or to purchase a gift card.

Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sponge

This facial sponge is awesome! Not only does it exfoliate, it also removes toxins & stimulates blood flow.

Clutch Wallet

Wallets are essential to everyone but this wallet is a catch all. Your teen can carry her phone along with cards, notes, pens, & more…all in 1 clutch.

Headphone Splitter

Share whatever you’re listening to with those around you with these headphone splitters. They’re especially great on road trips.

Boot Socks

Give your boots an extra flair with boot socks.


Teenage Boy Stocking Stuffers


These Beats Solo3 wireless headphones have 40 hours of battery life. Once connected to Siri, you can also take calls while listening to music.

Gas Card

Yes, it is a gift card. But, you truly can not go wrong with giving a gas card.

Jelly Belly BeanBoozled

This game is absolutely hilarious. Spin the wheel & try a bean. You never know what you’re going to get. Is it strawberry flavored or red dirt?


Wallets are a must have for any teenage boy. They can keep all there important information & money all in 1 thin wallet that won’t wear their pockets down.

Basketball Shorts

I’m not sure if it’s for comfort, fun, or a fashion statement. But, you can’t be a teenage boy & not wear basketball shorts.


Stocking Stuffers For The Chef

Rub Away Bar

Get rid of those strong odors that cooking leaves on your hands with this bar.


Aprons are a fun way to get busy in the kitchen without messing up your clothing.

Food Thermometer

It doesn’t matter if you’re checking the temperature of your baby’s milk or preparing the Thanksgiving turkey. This touch screen thermometer will make sure that your food comes out perfect every time.

Garlic Rocker

Make cutting garlic a breeze with this garlic rocker.

3 in 1 Avocado Slicer

Cutting up avocado can be a pain. This 3 in 1 allows you to peel, core, & slice an avocado without the headache.


Stocking Stuffers For The Artist

Washi Tape

Washi Tape is simply tape with a design. But it allows you to decorate just about anything in no time.

Hand Lettering Book

Give the gift of hand lettering. This book teaches several writing techniques, including calligraphy.


Sharpie are a great tool that every art lover must have in their supplies.

Sketching Kit

This sketching kit includes a sketch book & pencils. It’s the perfect way for any artist to jot down ideas & begin inspirations.

Pen Case

This slim case allows your artist to store pens, pencils, markers, notepads & more. All in 1 place with a variety of straps & pouches.


Stocking Stuffers For The Techie

Wireless Foldable Keyboard

You can take this slim, pocketsized keyboard anywhere. It’s bluetooth linked & extremely durable.

Mini Drone

This drone can fly, flip, & roll & makes for tons of fun for any age.

Fujifilm Instax Mini

This pocket sized camera comes in 5 different colors & takes instant pictures. It also has a selfie & close up lens feature.

Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Keep your head warm while being able to listen to music or talk on the phone with this wireless bluetooth hat.

Kitchen Tablet Mount & Stand

Never have to worry about having to hold your table while cooking again.


Stocking Stuffers For The Nature Lover

Survival Bracelet

This 5 in 1 bracelet comes with a compass, fire scrapper, fire starter, emergency knife, & whistle.

Tactical Flashlight

This water resistant durable flashlight is super bright & perfect for extra light.


This water bottle is great for camping, backpacking, traveling, or hiking. The filter purifies water the water your drinking. Even if you need to grab some from a lake.

Waterproof Socks

Keep your feet dry no matter the weather or the activity with waterproof socks.

Chocolate Rock Candy 

Ever wish you could eat rocks? No? Me neither, but these chocolate rock candy pieces are super fun.


Stocking Stuffers For The Book Lover

Neck Light

Neck lights are the perfect solution for night reading.

Book Dart

Never loose your spot in a book again. These thin metal page markers easily slide onto the page & can even mark what line the reader is on.

Weighted Page Holder

Never have to worry about holding your pages down or the winding blowing your pages. This weighted page holder keeps everything right in place.

Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Gift the gift of unlimited books. It’s every book lovers dream.

Tequila Mockingbird

This book is filled with fun cocktail mixes that are based on famous books & stories.

Keep everything (including gifts) organized this holiday season with a Holiday Manager.


Stocking Stuffers For The Do-It-Yourselfers

A Subscription To Bluprint

A Bluprint subscription will give your DIYer a chance to learn something new or enhance their skills with online videos.

Command Hooks

Hang any project without damaging your walls with Command Hooks.

Moldable Glue

Silicone glue is an invention that every DIYer needs to keep in stock. You can mold it to fit anything together.

Wallet Ninja

Guarenteed to never rust or bend, this wallet size multi use tool is great for everyone. It has 18 tool all in 1 flat steel rectangle.

Multi Mark Tool

Any DIYer would love this small tool. A multipurpose measuring tool that’s perfect for any project.


Stocking Stuffers For The Couple


This fun game has topics that lead to meaninful conversations between couples. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been together 6 months or 60 years, this game will spark unique conversations between the two.

Amazon Fire TV Stick


Every couple needs time to Netflix & chill. With the Fire Stick not only can you instantly watch Netflix, but you can stream Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, & way too many more to type.

Couple’s Coffee Mugs

For coffee or tea drinkers, these kissy mugs are great for couples.

Knock Knock, What I Love About You Pad

This cute note pad allows couples to easily leave each other notes at any time.

5 Love Languages

Every person, single or taken, should discover what their love language is.


Stocking Stuffers For The Music Lover

DIY Guitar Pick Punch 

Never buy a guitar pick again. This pick punch allows you to make one from anything. Even old credit cards.

Bluetooth Speaker

Not only is this speaker easily portable, it’s also water resistant. Which means it’s the perfect addition to a water day or listening to music in the shower.

iTunes Gift Card

I tried not to put any gift cards on this list but every music lover loves to buy music. You can’t go wrong.


This game may or may not fit in a stocking depending on how big the stocking is. But it was way to fun to pass up! 1 player says a word & the other players have to race to sing a song that has the word in it. This game is sure to provide tons of laughs.

Concert Tickets

Concert tickets can get expensive. Depending on your budget, you can get tickets to a big name performer or think outside of the box. Tickets to a concert in the park, open mic night, or even tickets to a show in another city.


Stocking Stuffers For The Fashionista


You can never go wrong with sunglasses. They make the perfect eyewear & headband!

Gemstone Jewelry

Stocking stuffer ideas for the fashionista.

Stand out from the crowd with these beautiful bracelets from GrandVibrations. The natural stones that are used to make these bracelets help to promote balance & health.

Foldable Purse Hook

Never worry about having to put your purse on the floor again. These purse hangers are versatile & stylish.

Makeup Brush Finger Glove

This silicone makeup brush cleaner will clean all of your makeup brushes without damaging them.

USB Tassel

Stylishly carry your USB drives everywhere with you with this keychain tassel.


Stocking Stuffers For The Gamer

Game Controller

It seems that gamers are always in need of a remote. This particular remote pairs with PC, Playstation, & Android.

Pac-Man Connect & Play

This small gaming system includes 12 classic games like Pac-man & Dig Dug.

Cards Against Humanity

This is a simple question & answer game. But the results are always hilarious.

Pop Figurines

These figurines are the perfect addition to any collection. You can find them to match just about any movie or game.

Bengoo Gaming Headset


A must have headphone for any gamer. These headphones connect to any gaming system & even PC’s.


Stocking Stuffers For The Fitness Fans


Stylishly track your workouts, heart rate & more with a Fitbit.

Sneaker Balls Deodorizer

Whether it’s for shoes or a gym bag, these deodorizers are the perfect solution to remove smells.

Hydro Flask

This water bottle is more than a water bottle. It’s the better solution for keeping your drinks both hot & cold.

Tribe Water Resistant Armband

This phone armband is flexible, durable, & water resistant.

Hand Exerciser

This hand grip is a must have to any fitness lover.


Stocking Stuffers For The Sports Fan

Mini Tabletop Game

All In One Golf Club Cleaner

Team Hoodie

Tickets To A Game

Every sports fan loves to go to actual games. Tickets to a game are the perfect way to see them smile & maybe sneak in some bonding time.

Team Tumbler

Potty Putter Toilet Game

This game is for the ultimate golfer. Now they never have to take a break from the sport, even when going to the bathroom. The set includes the golf green, putter, 2 balls, a flag & cup, & most importantly, a do not disturb sign.


Stocking Stuffers For The Person Who Has It All

Nail Polish Finger Holder

Never worry about holding nail polish while painting your nails again.

Snap ‘N’ Strain

It’s as easy as it sounds. Simply snap on the silicone strainer to your pot & drain the water out.

Tile Mate

For that person who looses everything. Attach the Tile Mate to a phone, keys, luggage, or anything you need to find. Then you can quickly find it with a phone or any Bluetooth device.

Citrus spritzer

This genius tool eliminates the need to chop & squeeze citrus fruits. Just insert the sprayer into the fruit & done.

Grill Mat

Reversible, reusable, durable, dishwasher safe. This grill mat does it all. You can use it to cook your food on any type of grill. Anyone can now grill like a pro.

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