Summer bucket list

Summer is quickly approaching. And with warm weather comes the question what are we doing today? Even if you’re not a parent you probably ask yourself that same question during the summer. Which is why you need to do a summer bucket list.

I love summer but after about 2 weeks I’m pretty tired of the same routine of park, pool, repeat.

Last summer we got fed up & decided to break the funk. We add new games like these to our activities. But our real challenge was to do something different twice a week. Play in water is just one way to play this summer.

Which honestly was kind of hard because we had no idea where to begin. Thus began the research. Which led me to the big summer bucket list of over 60 ideas!

We’re always looking to save money where we can so most activities on the list are either free or has a small cost.

Check out more money saving tips here.

The Big Summer Bucket List not only includes ideas for your summer but it also includes a printable worksheet. This worksheet is designed to guide you on which activities your family will be doing this summer.

I challenge you to have some new adventures this summer!

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The Big list of summer activity ideas.


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