Surviving Bed Rest During Pregnancy

Surviving bed rest during pregnancy is not the easiest thing in the world. In fact, it can one of the hardest challenges women may face during pregnancy. Because, lets be honest. After the 1st day you start to get bored.

I was stuck on bed rest 3 times with my son. I was beyond miserable the first time. I was bored, cranky, sick of sleeping, & I missed playing with my daughter.

Needless, to say, I learned the hard way & rather quickly that doing nothing will drive you insane.

So when the doctor called for bed rest again & then again, I was ready. Below you’ll find the best hacks & activities that will help you survive bed rest for yourself & with a toddler.

Surviving bed rest for moms
Surviving bed rest with toddlers

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Surviving Bed Rest For Moms


Did you know that they make adult coloring books? I knew of them but had never experienced the joy in them until I was on bed rest. They’re very calming. Because of the amount of detail within them, they also make the time go by quickly.

Also, be sure to try your hand at an Extreme Dot To Dot book. They’re filled with the similar dot to dot activities that you used to do when you were a kid. With the exception that some of them can reach 1,000 dots. Even if you don’t color it in after, it’s fun just to be able to say that you completed a 1,500 dot puzzle!

Take An Online Class

Online sites like BluPrint offer a variety of online classes. Since you’re stuck in 1 place for a bit, now is the time to explore different interests to see what new interests that you can do, just for you. Allowing yourself to do something just for you, will help you to be a better mom.

BluPrint offers classes in knitting, cooking, art, & way more than I can even type. Get started today with a free 7 day trial.


Pregnancy can quickly get uncomfortable. Even if you haven’t started to truly show yet. The weight of carrying a baby, even while laying down, can make finding the right spot kind of hard. There’s 2 tips to help you with this.

First, laying on your left side will increase blood flow throughout your body & if generally a more comfortable position.

The second is pillows. Lots of pillows. There are even specific pillows that are made for pregnancy. I loved this pillow with my first. It was easier to maneuver 1 pillow instead of several. Plus, this pillow allowed me to use it after the baby was born to breastfeed.

However, if you don’t want to go out & buy a specific maternity pillow, then you can use a body pillow. The trick is to just have a longer pillow.

Here are the best pillow placements to optimize your comfort:

  • If you’re laying on your side, place a pillow between your legs. That helps to take the pressure off of your side by making your legs more level.
  • Under your belly. Lifting your stomach up slighty can make a huge difference, especially as your baby grows.
  • Behind your back. If you didn’t know, laying flat on your back for long periods during pregnancy is a no no. But you can place a pillow behind your back to elevate you a bit.

Game Night

Just because you’re stuck on bed or on the couch doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Invite some friends over & have a fun game night. Aim for games that won’t require you to get up such as Scattergories.

Prepare For Baby How to survive bedrest during pregnancy.

Now is the time to start truly preparing for your baby, if you haven’t already. Make your baby registry, decide on a name, figure out your nursery setup, or plan your baby shower. Use a pregnancy manager to get you started & keep you organized.

Make Money Online

While being on bed rest did you know that you can still make money? You can!

And no, I don’t mean by taking surveys & getting points. I mean actually money. You can even get paid to shop. Check out this post on 6 tried & true ways to make money at home.

Lunch Dates

Make lunch fun with lunch dates! Invite your family & friends over to eat with you. It’s a great opportunity for you to move locations, if allowed, & to stay social.


Put your memories together in a scrapbook. You can either get a scrap booking kit & put it together yourself. Or you can make an online scrapbook with companies like Shutterfly.

Plan Ahead

Now is the time to get ahead on your planning. Use a holiday planner & start your Christmas shopping. Or you can start planning out date nights, birthday parties, meal plans, or just start organizing your family schedule/life.

Pamper Yourself How to survive bedrest during pregnancy

Just because you’re stuck doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself. Paint your fingernails & toe nails, put on a face mask or nose strips, or play around with new braiding techniques.

Write Thank You’s

Catch up or even get a head start on thank you cards for those that give you gifts for your baby.

Clean Out Your Email & Computer

This is the perfect time to purge your computer. We are all guilty of letting emails sit or random files build up on our computer. Deleting those files will speed up your computer & get you more organized.

Unlock the secrets to organizing your day to day life with the free 5 day life organizing challenge.


I know from experience that journaling works. I mocked it at first, because I felt like a teenager writing everything out. I was so wrong!

Writing in a journal helps you to get all of your feelings out & on paper. I felt so much better being able to write all of my frustrations down. Plus it was a great way to jot down those thoughts that pregnancy brain erases.


Entertaining Toddlers While On Bedrest

When you’re on bed rest you have to think outside of the box with your toddler activities. The usual boredom busters usually require some form of either setup or cleanup. Which you can’t do. You need to focus on no prep activities that are easily interchangeable.

Build Activities to play with your toddler while on bed rest.

Work on building fine motor skills with any building activity. You can easily do any building activities with your toddler by using legos, blocks, or even marshmallows. You can use a flat box to create a building surface on your bed if you don’t have a table nearby.


Putting puzzles together is a great activity that the entire family can be apart of. You can even add to the fun by putting together a glow in the dark puzzle.

Blow Bubbles How to survive bed rest with a toddler.

I’m not what it is about bubbles, but kids love bubbles. You can blow them or they can blow them & just run around & pop them.

Make Shadow Puppets

Turn the lights off & grab a flashlight. Have fun with your hands & make shadow puppets.

Board Games & Card Games

This is a great time teach your toddler how to take turns. Board games such as The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel teach great skills such as taking turns.

Netflix & Chill

Plan the real Netflix & chill. Turn on movie or cartoon series, grab some snacks, snuggle up & have movie time.

Play Date Activities to play with your toddler while on bed rest.

Arrange play dates for your kiddo. They can get out with friends, neighbors, or even grandparents, & burn some energy.


Coloring is one of the easiest activities that you can do with your kiddos. But you don’t have to just color with crayons or markers. You can get an Aquadoodle & draw with just a pen filled with water.


I have nothing against kids playing educational games on a tablet or computer. Especially with companies such as ABCmouse where the focus is all education. ABCmouse is filled with online stories, math, reading, & art activities, & more. – First Month Free – Click here!

Story Time

Telling stories is a great way to pass the time. You can read a book or you can make up your own story. Make it even more fun & pull a blanket over your heads & pretend that you’re in a tent. Or even add a flashlight & tell spooky stories.


Kids love love love stickers. Give them a sheet of paper & a pack of paper & let them play. Another sticker play option is to practice spelling their name. Write their name on a sheet of paper & then using the stickers have your kiddos “trace” the line.

For more sticker fun, try these Melissa & Doug reusable stickers. The invention of reusable stickers is almost better than chocolate.

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  1. I don’t know if we could game…I wonder if I needed bedrest, if my husband would move the Xbox into the bedroom for me. 🙂

    Lots of great ideas I hadn’t even thought of…like an online class!

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