The real truth about potty training your kids.

The Truth About Potty Training

Can you raise your hand about being excited about potty training?

Or are you anxious, nervous, downright not excited about it?

Honestly, I dreaded it.

I started potty training my daughter when she turned 2. After 4 days I was over wet floors, constant laundry, & I missed the ease of diapers.

So I quit. My daughter was not responding to potty training at all & it was frustrating to our entire house.

Mom Guilt

Once I quit potty training, the mom guilt set in. I was seeing all these other kids who were potty trained at 18 months. And I was sitting there like “crap, what’s my deal”. They make it look so easy.

How kids are potty trained in other countries.

Potty Training Around The World

In the midst of my mom guilt meltdown I started researching what other countries do. The results blew me away.

In Germany, the standard is to be potty trained by 3. Especially for those children entering school.

In China, their kids pee whenever or wherever they need to. Even just on the ground.

In the Netherlands, kids are potty training between 2-3. With a strong emphasis that the kids not be pushed too hard.

There is even starting to be a trend in the US & some places around the world, where infants are being potty trained. It’s called “elimination communication”.

So basically, everybody does their own thing. There’s no set way to do anything.

3 Day Potty Training Method

I read all the potty training books before starting. The most intriguing & most successful for us was the 3 day method.

Essentially the 3 day potty training method breaks down into not leaving your house for 3 days in a row. In those 3 days, you would take your child to the potty every 15 minutes.

The Ultimate Potty Training Truth

Potty training sucks!

It takes effort, dedication, & tons of patience.

Don’t worry about what other people think & say. Start when you & your child are ready.

Potty Training Tips To Help You

  • Push liquids when at home to help your child grasp the sensation of having to pee.
  • Just wear undies around the house
  • Get rid of diapers & pull ups all together
  • Help your child feel comfortable with the potty
  • If your child isn’t comfortable with a floor potty seat then switch to the big potty.
  • Help them to stay motivated
  • Don’t yell (it only makes them not want to do it)
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Awesome Potty Training Books For Toddlers

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