Easy DIY tissue paper flower craft

DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue Paper flowers are amazing! They are inexpensive to make & extremely versatile.

You can use tissue paper flowers to:

One of the first crafts that I ever learned to make were actually these tissue paper flowers. I was instantly addicted & had them everywhere. I even managed to convince my husband to add them to our wedding.

They require just a few supplies & you can make one in under 20 minutes.


  • 4 sheets of tissue paper
  • Beading wire (if you don’t have beading wire, you can use a stapler, pipe cleaner, or ribbon)
  • Scissors

How to make a tissue paper flower

Step 1

Lay out 4 sheets of tissue paper stacked together. How to make an easy tissue paper flower.

Step 2

Fold them in half & cut along the fold. This will give you 8 sheets of paper. For large flowers I suggest using 8 sheets of paper. If you are putting together a smaller flower, then you can use 4 sheets.

Step 3 How to make an easy tissue paper flower.

Now fold your stacked tissue paper into an accordion. You do this by folding your paper about 1″ in & then flipping it over & folding it in again about 1″.

Continue until it’s all folded. Make sure the folds are creased.

Step 4 How to make an easy tissue paper flower.

Cut a strip of beading wire. Pin point the middle of the accordion fold. Then tie the wire tightly around it.

*If you don’t have beading wire you can use a pipe cleaner, ribbon, or simply staple the center.

Step 4 How to make an easy tissue paper flower.

Decide on what type of flower you want. For example a pointed tip cut is a daisy and a large rounded tip is a poppy.

Cut each end into the shape that you want.

Step 5 How to make an easy tissue paper flower.

Now to “fluff” the flower. Gently pull apart each piece of tissue paper on both sides.

How to make an easy tissue paper flower.

Bonus: Tissue Flower Number Craft

You can also use tissue paper flowers to make giant numbers. These numbers are fun centerpieces for birthday parties.

To make the giant number, you will need:

  • a strong piece of cardboard or foam board
  • hot glue & hot glue gun
  • tissue paper
  • scissors or a box cutter

How to make a flower birthday number

Step 1

Cut the board into the number you need at your desired size.

Step 2

Make small tissue paper flowers. Depending on the size of board you will need anywhere between 25-50 flowers.

Step 3

Hot glue each flower to the board. Make sure to glue each flower close together. How to make a tissue paper flower number

There you have it. These numbers make an excellent addition to any party decor. I love the combination of balloon towers & the flower number.

If you loved how easy these tissue paper flowers were to make, be sure to also check out how to make giant paper flowers!

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How to make an easy tissue paper flower

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