15 of the best TV shows for toddlers

15 Incredible TV Shows For Toddlers

Remember when TV for kids consisted of Barney, lamb chop, & Sesame Street? It was so simple.

Now, TV shows are a bit much (that’s me putting it lightly). You never know what you’ll get when you turn the TV on.

There are even some remakes of shows such as Disney’s Duck Tales that we’re once so innocent have become a touch questionable.

I admit I’m not somebody who constantly shelters her kids. I think they should experience the world as is but to a point. I don’t need my 4 year old talking about needing a man with a 401k.

Instead when I turn on my TV. I want my kids to be entertained & gain something from it. It could be educational, musical, or simply teach life skills.

One day I decided to sit down & binge watch a bunch of kid shows across different networks. It was a fun day.

Which leads to this list of 15 awesome TV shows for toddlers.

It was hard to narrow it down to just 15 but can you imagine somebody throwing 15 new shows at you for you to try?  You’d be frazzled trying to fit them all.

**Some of these shows can be found on other platforms besides the ones in parenthesis such as Netflix or Hulu.

The best TV shows for toddlers to watch.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (PBS)

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is based off of Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. It’s basically the cartoon of the puppets that Mister Roger’s played with. Daniel & his friends teach your toddler everything from manners to calming techniques to songs.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Disney Junior)

Mickey Mouse continues to lead every list for toddlers. But there is a reason. The usual gang of characters, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Daisy, & Donald bring humor & education together. Kids learn colors, numbers, songs, shapes, & more in this colorful show.

Even my 1 year old comes running as soon as he hears the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse intro song.

Super Why (PBS)

This is hands down the best show that I have ever seen in regards to learning to read. Wyatt & his friends enter adventures within story books. They then become super reader superheroes. From there they go through letters, phonics, & spelling in order to solve a problem.

My Little Pony (Discovery Kids)

The new My Little Pony is a revamp of the original 1984 series. And this remake may be better than the original. Instead of teaching education this show focuses on what it means to be a good person, self esteem, & social skills.

Wild Kratts (PBS)

If your toddler is into animals then Wild Kratts is the show to watch. Follow brothers Chris & Martin as they seek to learn to everything about an animal species during each episode.

The Cat In The Hat (PBS)

The true title of the show is “The Cat In The Hat Knows A lot About That”. That’s completely accurate. The Cat along with his friends Sally & Nick set off on all kinds of adventures that introduce your kiddo to science, engineering, exercise, & more.

Word Party (Netflix)

Word Party is another hit on Netflix. The show focus on a group of baby animals who focus on learning new concepts such as time, potty training, taking turns, & vocabulary.

Dinosaur Train (PBS)

For all the dinosaur lovers (me included) this is the greatest show. Buddy the T-Rex & his family of Pteranodons hop on the Dinosaur Train to jump to different time periods & learn all about the dinosaur species of that time.

Doc McStuffins (Disney Junior)

Doc McStuffins is a super fun show that mainly teaches about good health & social skills. Doc is a kid toy doc who can bring toys to life with her magic stethoscope. With the help of her toy friends she can fix toys right up in her doctor clinic.  

Sesame Street (PBS)

This classic show is still around. And dare I say, it’s better than ever. Sesame Street has kept up with the times but hasn’t lost its pure (clean) educational fun.

Beat Bugs (Netflix)

The Beat Bugs is a Beatles music based show that focuses around the life of 5 bugs. These bugs teach major life lesson through their adventures & through song.

Storybots (Netflix)

Storybots is a very unique show. Why? Because it answers questions that are sent in by actual kids. A child asks a question, such as “where does rain come from?”, then the Storybots set off to find the answer.

Curious George (PBS)

This curious monkey has been around since 2006 & there’s a reason. It’s awesome! Even before the show, there were books. One of the best things about Curious George is that it teaches your toddler all about to problem solving.

An added bonus is the free Curious George PBS game. The app teaches everything from math to color recognition.

Justin Time (Netflix)

Justin Time is a cute show about a boy (Justin of course) & his imaginary friend Squidgy. Whenever Justin encounters a problems he sets off into his imagination with Squidgy to find a solution. Justin has to hurry to solve his problem before he gets called back to reality by his parents.

Paw Patrol (Nick Jr.)

No list would be complete without Paw Patrol. At first I didn’t understand the hype over this crew of dogs. But I quickly saw the appeal. These pups aren’t only cute but they also teach teamwork, social skills, & how to be a good citizen to your community.

Do you have a favorite toddler TV show that didn’t make the list? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to check it out.

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The top 15 shows on TV for toddlers to watch.

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